A day in Lisbon

Jess and I spent a great day touring around Lisbon. In the morning we partook on a tour our hostel put on. That was awesome – even got to speak a bit of Turkish on it since there were two students from Turkey on the tour. In the afternoon we made our own sorts of picnic of local foods. Super delish. Then we headed for some sight-seeing of the city (see photos below).

Some of the best things about Lisbon are all of the different districts. Loved Belém and Alfama. Baixa and Chiado were great too! Realized after the fact that I ran through a good portion of them – to include running through this swanky area. Yes this is where you can find clubs still bumping at 7am. The architecture throughout is pretty fantastic too! Big streets too! And small streets, but super wide boulevards. Be ready for cobble stone walking – like any big city. 

The best place to get a sweet treat – heaven!

Sweet Treat Picnic Break in the park followed by…
Hammocking in a park in the Belém District – near the Jeronimos Monastery

Torre de Belém – perhaps the most famous site in the district

Did they do that on purpose? When Jess and I realized that the explorers were lined perfectly with the bridge we were extremely intrigued

25 de Abril Bridge – named for the date of the Carnation Revolution! Designed by the same company that did the Oakland Bay Bridge (even though it looks like the Golden Gate)

I was drooling a tad bit over all the cameras

Needless to say I took a lot of photos inside the Monastery

Jeronimos Monastery was the site of the Lisbon of Treaty Signing – EU Happy!

One of the coolest architectural designs I have ever seen. I mediated for quite some time in here

The Church in the Jeronimos Monastery Complex

The shadows were absolutely fantastic

A really cute market was set up across the street from Jeronimos Monastery

Wandered through it for awhile – and found charms!

One of the only buildings that survived the fires

Jess wanted to take photos of us with the really cool patterned stone square (:

A really great view of all the rooftops – we went on a tour with our hostel and she took us to this great outlook

new meaning to one man band

Riding the crick-ity crack-ity tram through Lisbon

The tram driver had to get out on numerous occasions for snapped cables – all part of the adventure

Best travel friend around (:

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