Bayram Holiday in Fethiye, Turkey

Fall break came earlier for me than it usually does. Back stateside I have fall break during the week of Thanksgiving, but here in Turkey it lined up with Kurban Bayram. A friend and I took a leap of faith … Continue reading

Bucket List: Paragliding in Turkey

During my Kurban Bayram Holiday there was one thing that I wanted to do –> Go to Fethiye and Paraglide. Not only was I set on this my travel buddy Emily (Gonz) had her heart set on it too. We … Continue reading

Cappadocia (Kapadokya) Turkey Hot Air Balloon Tour

There is good reason for Cappadocia being close to if not at the top of the list for best destinations to take a hot air ballon tour in. I was hesitant on doing the tour because it was a tad expensive – but post the experience I can say that it was worth every penny. Definitely doubled the cost of my trip, but hey I may never get the chance to go back again. Besides, I was in good company with a fellow classmate from the US who I met up with for the weekend and new found friends from South Africa. All in all a great experience – I highly recommend it. Just be forewarned, that while it may seem like a bright idea to just stay up until 4:30am when the shuttle comes and picks you up, it is possible to fall asleep in the sky – my friend is proof of this (:



Caribbean Photo Gallery

March 2011 my sister got married on the beautiful island of St. Lucia. These are photos from the different Caribbean Islands we visited while cruising with Royal Caribbean.

My sister’s wedding bouquet

St. Croix Beach were we snorkeled

St. Croix

St. Croix

St. Croix

St. Croix


Barbados Fish Market

Barbados Fish Market

Construction in Barbados

Shop on Wheels

Produce Cart


Perfect Sailing Waters

Color is everywhere on the Caribbean Islands

Picturesque Sky

Cute Cafe we had Drinks at in Barbados

Busy Water Front

Local Beer (Barbados)

White Sand Beaches

Clear Blue Waters

Traditional Home

Sugar Cane Harvester


Green Barbadian Monkey

More Monkey Play

Sun Setting

Steel Drum Band

Steel Band Drum