Mua Gelateria

This summer my friend Jess sent me this article about a gelato shop – Mua Gelateria d’Italia – in Istanbul. From the minute I read the article I just knew that I had to get myself a scoop…or two of their gelato.  My friend Alex and I decided to go on a little adventure last Friday and while we were hunting for H&M and failed at finding it (google led us astray) we did end up stumbling across Mua Gelateria. Not to mention we were climbing a serious hill when the shop just materialized in front of us.


When we walked into the shop we could barely say “Merhaba” before the guy working the counter started to hand us sampleS. Yes big S is necessary because when I say samples I am pretty sure we sampled all the flavors and the way we did was just by saying mmmmmmm after all of them.


All the flavors on display – first time I have seen it with this type of set-up

The article mentioned how the dondurmua – see how they did that??? – uses Turkish flavors and I was a little intrigued by what that meant but fig, Turkish banana (yes different from what we know at home as our good ole Chiquita bananas – here those are foreign bananas), and something with a sultan and weekend cream explained it all. Not to mention the classics of a bitter chocolate and the always necessary stracciatella. For me – and the friend – we both settled for the lethal combination of cinnamon and banana – phenomenal.

Alex with her huge cone

Dondurma = ice cream in Turkish. Gotta love the play on words Dondurmua 

Cheers from a gelato lover who got her fix in Turkey