Turkish Tune

A Turkish Tune that has been stuck in my head for the past week

Kasma by Yalın

Granted, looking at the lyrics just made my addiction that much worse

Kuş uçuşu burdan ne tutar oralar
Hani kapasam gözleri karşımda sen vardın
Hani aşkta mesafe yoktur falan tamam
Ama dokunmak sarılmak diye bir şeyde var

Kasma kasma kasma kasma
Kasmadan da olur işte
Özlüyorsan duramıyorsan
İçine atıp susma böyle

Gel diyorum sana ben
Bu iş olur diyorum sana ben
Tutma tutma tutma tutma
Elinden kayar böyle

Sert düşüşe razı gönül o kahraman
Sabrına az hayran çokça düşman
Bir temas bir koku bir sese inanan
Yanında durmalı yarın da olmalı




An “off” week in Istanbul

Lately I have been a tad “off my game”. I have been having some serious struggles with keeping my mind focused and things that would never happen to me (that might be a stretch), but not happening with such frequency are just making me realize I just have to laugh it all off. I realized I probably look like hell too because when I came into a cafe and sat down the manager offered to get me something and when I responded cay he followed it up by asking a big one? Yeah, he realized that I was having a hellish day(s).  Here is a run-down of my past few days and their mishaps…

#1 – I fell flat on my face walking down the street. Yep in Ankara on my first day I might have fallen on my bottom because I slipped, but this time nope, it was really a case of tripping over my own feet and landing in an awkward lump on the ground with my ridiculously heavy backpack slamming into me too. 

#2 – Getting motion sickness on the longest bus ride ever. The traffic was awful and I was fairing horribly. Granted my friend actually got off the bus because she wasn’t gonna make it, but I was struggling major. Changed seats on the bus 4 times –> that should never happen.

#3 – If it is electronic well that there is a good chance that it had an empty battery than a full battery this week. Literally I was without my phone or computer at every inopportune time. This campus lacks the combination of outlets, bathrooms and internet. Usually can get one, maybe two but all three is a rare find. RARE! But hey when I finally would get a charge I would have lots of messages which made me feel oh so popular. Granted some were of this sort “CHARGE YOUR FREAKING PHONE” – 16 hour days aways from my home is not something I can continue. I am on the end of my treading abilities. 

#4 – Finally getting a professor to email you back with the message of “discuss this matter with my TA” who you already emailed a trillion times and NEVER responds to you. Important matters need to be figured out.

#5 – Searching high and low for a bank to make a deposit to not be able to do so because well you are a foreigner. The Turkish banking system and me are having difficulties. Kinda just a hate relationship – no love there. My moneycard for the Turkish account I had to open still has yet to make an appearance. NBD.

#6 – It’s 3am, a friend and I were a good half hour from our campus and we had 18 Lira between the two of us. That’s barely $10 and usually cab fares from there are much more. So I find myself bargaining with a cab driver at 3:30 to get us home and voila we get home. But what we really want is food and while we found another 2 Lira while in the cab, no food places are open anymore!!! How did we get in this predicament – well we thought there was a 3am shuttle – oops. 

Ok no more complaining (there are many many more). There are a few highlights though – had a bangin’ spinach crepe last night at a cool waterfront beer point while watching the soccer game and meeting a friend, we had beautiful 80s weather this week (: Allergies have subsided a bit, I’m making some research progress, I got my transport card (reason I endured the really long motion sickness bus ride), checked out a new breakfast place and oh yeah I rocked a cinnamon zucchini bread (post to come)

Cheers from a struggler

Hope your week has been fairing better