Crowded Much??

The size of my class exploded over night. We went from a perfect size of about 9 to a WAY TOO CROWDED –> ÇOK KALABALIK of 20!!!!

Say what???

Yeah definitely not happy about it – hoping the class splits or something. Nothing against the new students – I’ve been in those shoes too many times to count as an Army Brat, but my Turkish learning will definitely progress at a slower rate with so many pupils in the classroom. Heck – we didn’t even have enough desks or chairs – the teacher was scrounging for them and she was scared every time there was a knock on the door that another student would be joining us. Ufffff

I did acquaint myself with the new student I was sitting next to – he is from South Korea. He has both a Turkish name and a Korean name since his Korean name was super hard for Turks, but I thought both were hard – haha. He was shocked when I just had my 1 name – but he proceeded to tell me that it was a “sexy name” – high compliment of the day right thur!!!

Off to study some Turkish and sleep – I am dang tired and do not know why

Also the crash from a nescafe is way worse than the crash from a cup of coffee – grrrr

Sorry for all the weird noises throughout the post – I’m at a loss for words

Cheers from a hopeful student abroad (everyone needs to cross their fingers in hopes for a smaller class size tomorrow)