Brunch Success, Research Fail

The plan for today was to go to brunch with a friend and then head off and put myself in isolation to do thesis research. Well 8 hours later and I was still at the brunch place. Yes, 8 hours later. I think that is a record for how long I have stayed at a restaurant.

Now my friend has lived in Ankara before and the first time I met her, she raved about this brunch place. Then she was worried that it wouldn’t be the same as previous years and was super concerned, but it was BETTER than she remembered!

So for 12 Turkish Liras you have open access to 3 or 4 tables of breakfast/brunch foods AND as much fresh squeezed Orange Juice and Strawberry Juice as you want! The juices in and of themselves are worth the money – while juice is cheap here you still would pay like 10 lira just for a pitcher of OJ and we had 4! haha –> but let me just say that 2 more people ended up joining us. So we only each put away a pitcher on our own. haha. My immune system needed some boosting…

This was the first round of food

The second round of food

and my Turkish drinking problem

2 pitches of oj


After we were unbelievably stuffed I was taught Tabla – backgammon! YAY! I’ve been wanting to learn since people are always playing at cafe’s and I finally got my chance. Still learning the rules (not sure I could teach someone else yet) but I am quite the lucky dice roller – or so I am told. Doubles were my friend today (:

By the time we realized we’d been at the restaurant so long we finally decided to leave. Now the plan was to go home, but tomorrow is the last day the Dinos will be in the city and my friend still wanted pictures so she lassoed me into joining her. The dino park was fun – like always and going there led to the detour of taking a city bus tour of Ankara! The buses are open roof and window so super breezy and cool and the best part is they are free. Super cheesy and touristy (even though it is all locals – we were the only non-Turks) with Turkish music being blasted.

This is where video should be inserted but I am having difficulties #technology

Now because I ate so much at brunch and didn’t run I decided on walking the 5km home – great choice because it let me think and clear my mind – since it was a hard day and all…but the weather has cooled off a bit in Ankara so I am grateful for that at least. Room is still hot, but eventually I will get use to it – or so I hope.

Cheers to lazy days