To-Run List

I am a big fan of making lists because lists make you feel productive. A friend of mine (will remain nameless) even puts meals on her to-do lists because well lets be real –  it’s not on there to remind her too eat, but rather because you know you will eat so at the end of the day you know you completed at the very least one thing off your list – and again to be real – it’s the most important thing (:

Anyhow, one of the bridesmaids from the wedding this weekend informed me of a new race that is upon the Big Ten Network. Now I am already signed up for a race this coming Saturday so unfortunately cannot take part in this inaugural race, but it is one that I want to keep on my radar for next year. This got me thinking – what other races are there that I know I want to run, but have let fall off my radar? So I figured the best thing to do is compile a list – so here goes the “To-Run List”

1) Big Ten 10K –> I-L-L-I-N-I  –> thanks for the heads up Peterman (:
2) Istanbul Marathon –> already planning for it – first marathon
3) Tough Mudder 
4) Color Run –> sister mentioned this to me
5) Glo Run
6) Warrior Dash
7) Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon
8) Disney Princess Run 
9) Be on a marathon relay team – any marathon
10) Travel to another country with the sole purpose of running a race

What are some races that you hope to one day run in?

Cheers to running