Cappadocia (Kapadokya) Turkey Hot Air Balloon Tour

There is good reason for Cappadocia being close to if not at the top of the list for best destinations to take a hot air ballon tour in. I was hesitant on doing the tour because it was a tad expensive – but post the experience I can say that it was worth every penny. Definitely doubled the cost of my trip, but hey I may never get the chance to go back again. Besides, I was in good company with a fellow classmate from the US who I met up with for the weekend and new found friends from South Africa. All in all a great experience – I highly recommend it. Just be forewarned, that while it may seem like a bright idea to just stay up until 4:30am when the shuttle comes and picks you up, it is possible to fall asleep in the sky – my friend is proof of this (:



Istanbul, Turkey Photo Gallery

This will be a work in progress since I will be living in Istanbul  come the fall. These are just some of the photos I took while in Istanbul this past weekend.

Galata Tower – we stayed at a hostel right next to it

Efes Pilsen = Turkish beer –> basically the only beer here

Street Musician on Istiklal St. in Istanbul

Simitçi – Turkish version of a bagel covered in sesame seeds

Across the Golden Horn Galata Bridge and New Mosque I was in Karaköy so looking across to Kadıköy  (köy means village in Turkish)

Cherries for an afternoon pick me up

Galata Tower

A little walk by Tophane – no big (:

Tophane – about the time that two Brits on bikes with their camping gear asked me for directions –> seriously wherever I go people think I am a good person to ask for directions – I lack a sense of direction – what’s up with that?!?

Sunday on the Bosphorus

A pretty mosque that I can’t remember the name of – Istanbul has too many

View from Boğaziçi University (BU) – looking across into Asia

Etiler Gate Entrance for BU

So many cats on the campus – not a big fan but this one was pretty cute

Sitting area looking out over the Bosphorus

Peaking through the trees to see the Bosphorus

I feel like this is something I would’ve seen on my home campus at U of Illinois

The campus buildings are so pretty

Looking out the window of our hostel