Earworm: A song that you can’t get out of your head. Now usually it applies to songs, but I am just gonna incorporate all things that I am loving and well maybe frankly – just too obsessed with lately and thus and continuously thinking about. Example –  I will incorporate any of these into as many conversations as possible just so I can talk more and more about my current obsessions. The Earworm series is gonna be a new series on the blog. Interesting fact –  earworm was added to Merriam-Webster Dictionary this month! How cool is that?!? Along with F Bomb, Bucket List and sexting. The world in which we live is changing.

1) Current Earworm –> song here. 

2) NPR Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me Podcast I listen to it and other podcasts when walking in the city. I was always told to smile when walking – people will wonder what your smiling about – well I am certainly giving the people something to wonder about – this show gets me to laugh right out loud.

3) Cupcakes – I really just wanna bake some cupcakes. I’m having dreams of baking cupcakes – not eating them. Baking them. Really gotta find a pan and then figure out how to bake cupcakes in a toaster oven.

4) The Newsroom – HBO series produced by Aaron Sorkin that I may or may not have be watching continuously. With Turkish subtitles…naturally. It’s just too good to stop watching. Really here is a quick clip to hopefully peak your interest.

5) Up Hair-dos that only require bobby pins – no hair tie needed. Warning: You may start finding bobby pins anywhere and everywhere that you go. Mums you know you miss finding my bobby pins (;

What are your current earworms or obsessions?

Cheers and now back to watching more of The Newsroom