Official Istanbul Marathon Training Begins Today

Today is the day that I have anxiously looked forward to. Not because it’s a holiday, birthday, or a no-school day, but rather it is the day that my training for the Istanbul Marathon commences!!!

I’ve been running when I’ve wanted to knowing that the more I get in the mode of running before my official training the better off I will be. But now I actually have a training plan to stick to – a challenge of self perseverance.  This will be my first marathon and I am super excited to embark on this running adventure. Now, I predict I may have a few hiccups along the way in my training due to travels, but I really will be putting my best foot forward during my training endeavors (:

I plan on following Hal Higdon’s Novice Marathon Plan since his half-marathon training plans have brought me success in the past.

Follow me on my journey of training that will be sure to include the most cities and countries that I have ever run in before in training for a race – shall make things quite entertaining (:

Looking forward to making big X marks on my calendar in the count down to my event.

It rained in Ankara – like torrential pour down right at 6:00pm when I was gonna leave – thus when I ran it was nice and cool for temp but super humid – strange combo – biggest sweat session yet. I love the smell of rain – it also meant the smell of wet dog with all the homeless ones in the park ): –> but nothing beats the smell of fresh rain!

Post my run – super sweaty

Are you training for an up and coming race?

Have you run a marathon before – any advice?

Cheers to a great start to marathon training!