Partaking in Istanbul Eats #1

Istanbul Eats is “a serious eater’s guide to the city” which is me in a nutshell so you can only imagine how happy I was when I found out that there was not only a book but a website. The latter is far more useful for me over here (what with a limited amount of belongings and such).

Anyhow, while exploring the website the other day I happened to stumble across this blog post about a restaurant that I had actually recently visited (last weekend to be exact). So I was super excited to have already partaken in Istanbul Eats without even knowing it. I met friends at Van Kahvaltı Evi who were in town for the weekend visting from Ankara.

I was super impressed by the spread. There were four of us and amongst us we split 3 dishes – the traditional breakfast dish that was complete with a great variety of cheeses (like stated in the blog review), gözleme and a menemen. Now my favorite was definitely the honey – it had texture. That might seem and sound strange and awkward, but no it was overflowing with that much more flavor. Absolutely wonderful. Paired with the amazing kaymak and you are in heaven.

My friend was super excited to take us all here because of a type of bread that you can only get in Van (a city in Turkey) and they don’t always have it , but we were in luck because they had it and you better believe that it was the first bread to disappear from the obligatory table bread basket.

This is definitely a place where I will take others. It might be a bit far from my campus, but the bus and metro ride are definitely worth it in the end. Be sure to take note that a wait line tends to form (;

Do you have any recommendations for great places to eat at while in Istanbul?

Cheers from a serious foodie