December Earworms

It’s time for my latest obsessions of the respective month. In case you are clueless to this, here are links to my previous earworms…with many of those still obsessions of mine.

September Earworms

October Earworms

November Earworms –-> while I love spotify for running and selecting my own music, while abroad 8tracks has come through with actually being accessible outside US territories. All the other favorited radios online are unfortunately blocked.

pinning, pinning and more pinning. I think I was on a hiatus because I can’t do many of the things on it that I wanted too so it was quite torturous. However, with less than a month until I am home, I have been inundating myself with inspiration from holiday treats to cool DIY gift sets like this ice cream one and all the millions of mason jar recipes –> holy cannoli.

Turkish Breakfast –> See this post for explanation.

Shopping!!! I have gone a little wild with making sure I get everything I want before I am saying görüsürüz to Turkey. We won’t mention how many of those items are kitchen/cooking/baking related.

Planning future trips! –> Kiev in “the Ukraine” in 2 days with my friend Allyce –> insert happy dance!

Happy December everyone (:



October Earworms

So yesterday I met my friend on the track for a little light jogging. We are not gonna talk about how I went for a run on the track at 8am but couldn’t figure out how to get into the track. Yeah that didn’t happen. But I swear there were people on the track and the door that should have been the entrance was definitely NOT open. Grrr.

Anyhow, met my friend on the track and when we were stretching she said that she was listening to United States of Pop and I had a minor freak out, because well DJ Earworm is one of the best DJs out there (next to David Guetta of course – but they are too different genres of DJ so we won’t go down that road). You see very few can make a mashup like DJ Earworm. I know I have fanned over him before on here, but it had been awhile since I last listened to him and so this was a great trip down memory lane. Not to mention he is an Alum of U of Illinois. #Solid

So listening to him yesterday and walking down the street singing to his songs reminded me that I haven’t shared my current earworms with you lately. So here goes:

1. Homeland – yeah last time I was obsessed with The Newsroom and well I finished the first season of that so had to find a new obsession. A great show, that I decided to watch after hearing how many awards it walked away with – impressive.

2. Raiding other people’s Spotify lists. iTunes? No Spotify is definitely where it is at. I have found myself lately going into friend’s published playlists to see what new tunes they can introduce me to – without them even knowing!

3. Dinners with Friends – I have found a pretty grand group of gals here (slight accidental alliteration there) and well we find ourselves cooking together quite a few times a week together. Our default meal has become lentils and veggies. Can you blame us though – the veggies are much cheaper here and well lentils don’t get enough boasting about. Poor little fellas…

4. Crepes – yeah not a good obsession but I can tell you it certainly is a delicious and very versatile obsession. When studying abroad in Italy I mastered the homemade pancake and well naturally on my second big study abroad it would only be appropriate to master the French Pancake, aka the crepe. Recipes to come on those (: –> As a matter of fact, I have some batter chilling in the fridge currently

5. Comedian’s books. Yes I have read quite a few Chelsea Handler books in the past month and have now moved onto Tina Fey’s “Bossypants” – why not laugh a little before bed? However, I know how exhausted I am at the end of the day when I can only read a few kindle pages of a comedian’s work without just passing out. I recommend them ALL!

So yes those are the things that I might be getting a little bit too much of in life right now, but you know what, I don’t see a problem with it (:




Earworm: A song that you can’t get out of your head. Now usually it applies to songs, but I am just gonna incorporate all things that I am loving and well maybe frankly – just too obsessed with lately and thus and continuously thinking about. Example –  I will incorporate any of these into as many conversations as possible just so I can talk more and more about my current obsessions. The Earworm series is gonna be a new series on the blog. Interesting fact –  earworm was added to Merriam-Webster Dictionary this month! How cool is that?!? Along with F Bomb, Bucket List and sexting. The world in which we live is changing.

1) Current Earworm –> song here. 

2) NPR Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me Podcast I listen to it and other podcasts when walking in the city. I was always told to smile when walking – people will wonder what your smiling about – well I am certainly giving the people something to wonder about – this show gets me to laugh right out loud.

3) Cupcakes – I really just wanna bake some cupcakes. I’m having dreams of baking cupcakes – not eating them. Baking them. Really gotta find a pan and then figure out how to bake cupcakes in a toaster oven.

4) The Newsroom – HBO series produced by Aaron Sorkin that I may or may not have be watching continuously. With Turkish subtitles…naturally. It’s just too good to stop watching. Really here is a quick clip to hopefully peak your interest.

5) Up Hair-dos that only require bobby pins – no hair tie needed. Warning: You may start finding bobby pins anywhere and everywhere that you go. Mums you know you miss finding my bobby pins (;

What are your current earworms or obsessions?

Cheers and now back to watching more of The Newsroom