Drizzled Dark Chocolate & Butterscotch Popcorn Crunch

Sometimes I get a hankering for popcorn. Sometimes as in once a month Рlast time I ate popcorn was this and oh was it good. However, I wanted to go for something with more of a drizzle instead of a coating of chocolate. Thus Drizzled Dark Chocolate & Butterscotch Popcorn Crunch was born (well maybe somebody else beat me to it, but today it was born in my world).

It is super easy and a healthy version to all those decadent popcorn mixes you can buy. I will definitely be mixing up the flavors of the drizzle so look out for the next combo, in ohhh say a month’s time.


100 calorie bag of popcorn

1 Tbsp. Chocolate Chips

1 Tbsp. Butterscotch


Microwave popcorn according to directions. Pour out onto a wide bowl/plate/baking sheet (you want lots of surface area).

Microwave the chocolate chips and butterscotch (separate containers) on 20 seconds intervals until nice and melty. Using a spoon drizzle onto the popcorn (quick wrist movement will give you thinner drizzles).

Put into the fridge for 10 minutes or until the drizzles have hardened.

Enjoy (while watching your guilty pleasure tv show)

I felt that a close-up of this deliciousness was necessary