Shopping Help

A quick post before I hit theĀ  road air for Marden/Diyarbakir!!!

While walking home from school I decided to shop in a clothing store – something I’ve done numerous times here before – the AC cools me off a bit on my 40 min walk home. All was going well until the gal working in the store asked if I needed help – I replied no just looking, but she really must have wanted to help because before I knew it I was whisked off to the changing area and clothes were being passed back and forth.

Now I am not a big fan of help in the US and thus can usually ward off – but that is a lot harder in a country that is all about service and when the store gal is completely intrigued by this American who is “just shopping around”

There was a bit of a problem though – while I didn’t mind some of the stuff she brought I wasn’t crazy about most of it – just not my style and on top of that the sizes were all over the place /:

Somehow she brought a blouse that fit and I liked enough that I thought hmmmm after all her hard work I can at least buy this one and so it was settled – 20 outfit tries on later and I had bought myself my first Turkish threads (but not really because it was a western/european style store) – oh well.

I couldn’t let the shopping festival pass and not have anything to show – that would have just been wrong.

Off to pack (leaving in an hour and have yet to do so) then taking the metro so I can take a bus to the airport and then a place to Southeastern, Turkey!

Cheers to a good weekend