Student turned Teacher

Still a Turkish student but as of today I am also an English teacher and I can cross Teaching English Abroad off of my Bucket List!!!! Success success success! I felt into a pretty sweet deal of teaching a few hours of English a week while here and I couldn’t be more thrilled for the opportunity (:

The English school is pretty much neighbors with my Turkish school so I don’t even have to go far for work – quite fantastic. Today I had two students – Ahmet and Aydan – both who are finishing their Masters in International Relations at Ankara University – quite awesome because at one point we just chatted about our thoughts on Turkey and Foreign Policy – ahhh how it delighted me. Hearing what they thought about Turkey’s position on a global scale as well as their opinions of the hot question of Turkish accession sure did bring a smile to my face.

I taught for 2 hours and will see them again next week and will be getting more students too! Another adventure in Ankara.

As for yesterday’s absence of a post – apologies, but I left at 8:30 and wasn’t home until 11:30 at which point I was pretty tired and still had Turkish homework to do. While it was a long day it consisted of Turkish language class, thesis research at my new favorite cafe (Aylak Madam) and then meeting up with two friends for dinner and ice-cream. This ice-cream was heaven sent – caramel, pistachio and tiramisu – delish. Glad I ran today /: Funny story though was one of the girls was craving chocolate and there was none – she sounded like a sad child when she asked in Turkish “Is there chocolate?” “Cicolata var mı?” – the answer of “no” “hayır” was not what she was wanting to hear.

Other success story that I will give a pre on but will be written about in a different post (right after this one) is that I successfully made banana bread!!!! Now in this case it’s not a matter of being able to make banana bread – that is a skill I mastered long ago – rather the fact of the matter is mastering the conversion of measurements and using a degree-less oven to actually bake the bread. Not only do I think it tastes great, but the host daughter had 2 pieces – upon me coming back from my run she said it looked too good not to take a piece and then she had to have another – woot woot! happy turks all around.

I enjoyed a piece after my run (10km another feel good moment) – it definitely hit the spot – my family is going to soon realize (if they haven’t already) that I consume an abnormal amount of bananas – and I add them to everything possible.

A nice heads up that there may or may not be posts for Friday and Saturday since I will going on my first weekend trip to Diyarbakir – the city of Kurdish culture in Southeastern Turkey. Depending on internet options will determine whether I can give updates – but I can promise photos from the trip sometime next week (:

Cheers to crossing things off one’s bucket list


2012 Baking and Cooking Must-Dos

I have quite the extensive Bucket List on my Travels page for things I want to do in life (it is not extensive even if it looks that way – I could probably add something new to it everyday….which I do, but I don’t have a section for the kitchen and that might be because the list would be endlessly long. I mean how many times have you pinned a recipe on pinterest, emailed a recipe to yourself, tagged a recipe in a cookbook, I mean there are just way too many recipes out there so I think if I just had one massive kitchen bucket list it would look Julie’s from Julie & Julia only exponentially longer – and that would be just too big a feat. Therefore, I think it is best to break it down into parts – years in this case. So here are the ten things I would like to try in 2012 in the kitchen and if I finish well then I guess I can be over-productive and start crossing things off that ridiculously long list (I bet it could compete with Santa Claus’ list of toys to make and presents to deliver – he may do it in a year but he also has elves helping him out – and I’m not magical)

Must Do’s of Cooking and Baking in 2012

10. Jump on the Green Monster Movement – done tried my first one, a ‘Peppy’ Carob Green Monster and it was delicious, will probably make these at least once a week now. 

9. Make a Rainbow Cake – done, well slightly. I made Rainbow Cupcakes

8. Make a Lattice Top Pie – done – I made a Raspberry Peach Pie for Memorial Day

7. Animal cupcakes – done – I made Red Velvet Ladybug Cupcakes for my sister’s Bridal Shower

6. Homemade pretzels

5. Make something with beets

4. Make Sangria

3. Falafel

2. Cinnamon Buns

1. 30 Day Vegan Challenge (the ultimate item on my list because I would be trying out a whole bunch of new recipes and may even cook through all of Happy Herbivore – another item on my master bucket list)

I am probably going to look back at this and think I forgot something huge – but I guess I will have to practice self constraint and not add it to the list – doesn’t mean I can’t make it there just won’t be the gratification of crossing it off of this list (if you are a to-do list maker like me then you know exactly what I am talking about)

Cheers to a Happy Friday