To 2 Ingredient Pancakes

That’s right – 2 ingredient pancakes.

The peanut butter gets all nice and melty too!

Sounds too good to be true? Yeah I thought the same when I first read about these little fellas over on Carrots ‘N’ Cake.

Naturally the day I read the blog I had to give them a try for myself. Not to mention I am without my awesome host mom so have been back to cooking for myself (aka eating straight up veggies and fruit and soup because well I don’t wanna buy anything to make food since I leave in 2 (TWO) days for Istanbul.

Gosh there is that magical number of 2 (TWO) again!!!!

Now the first time I made these I attempted one large pancake and well I should’ve listened to my inner voice saying “Nat you suck at making big pancakes, small pancakes you rock at, but just like you are junk at big cookies, your big pancakes are nothing less than garbage”. Well I didn’t listen to my inner voice so my horrible “big pancake skills” combined with sans non-stick pan left me with more of a pile of pancake than one big grand pancake. Now I figured the NEXT time I make these pancakes I will take my “small” approach – and that approach was a lot more successful.

Way more success – way way way more success.

So you want some of my 2 ingredient pancakes too? Sorry I missed that – I couldn’t hear you since I was lost in a world of guilty pleasure that includes two of my favorite things of nanners and pb.

Maybe next time I will share…keyworld being maybe.

Ingredients: (from Carrots ‘N’ Cake – her secret tips to the perfect 2 ingredient pancake are included too)

1 egg

1 banana

Toppings – fresh fruit, pb, other nut butters, honey, nuts


Mash banana, crack egg and mix into the mashed banana. Make sure it is as homogenous a mixture as possible. Heat a pan on low-medium heat. Wait for the pan to heat up – biggest trick to checking that the pan is hot enough is that water droplets will skip across the pan. Then lightly oil and pour about 2-3 Tbsp. of your pancake batter. The trick to these little fellows is patience. Super hard – I know. But wait until there are bubbles in the middle of the pancakes before you flip. Then wait a few more minutes while your second side cooks. Plate, top and gobble away. But try to breathe while eating – it will make the indulgence last one second longer (:

Second upside to these babies – they are soft – super necessary after wearing my retainers for the first time in like a month – my teeth are sore – gahh.

Third upside – you can blast Jack Johnson and have no shame – really – no shame.

Fourth upside – food art is also acceptable – no shame – no shame whatsoever