December Earworms

It’s time for my latest obsessions of the respective month. In case you are clueless to this, here are links to my previous earworms…with many of those still obsessions of mine.

September Earworms

October Earworms

November Earworms –-> while I love spotify for running and selecting my own music, while abroad 8tracks has come through with actually being accessible outside US territories. All the other favorited radios online are unfortunately blocked.

pinning, pinning and more pinning. I think I was on a hiatus because I can’t do many of the things on it that I wanted too so it was quite torturous. However, with less than a month until I am home, I have been inundating myself with inspiration from holiday treats to cool DIY gift sets like this ice cream one and all the millions of mason jar recipes –> holy cannoli.

Turkish Breakfast –> See this post for explanation.

Shopping!!! I have gone a little wild with making sure I get everything I want before I am saying görüsürüz to Turkey. We won’t mention how many of those items are kitchen/cooking/baking related.

Planning future trips! –> Kiev in “the Ukraine” in 2 days with my friend Allyce –> insert happy dance!

Happy December everyone (: