A Different Kind of Holiday

Happy 4th of July to all Americans out there. While I may be missing out on the fireworks, red-white-and-blue themed foods and summer hanging out I did try to make my day a little American. I hung out with an American if that amounts to anything. We found the Amerikan Pasaji – area of stores where they sell American products – this pretty much amounted to overpriced toiletries and a lot of protein powder – muscle heads would go biz-irk. I  had somewhat of an American lunch (a chicken wrap and fries…but I guess those are French….) then did some thesis research – being the studious American student that I am and all… Post that I went and taught English for two hours. Have I mentioned that teaching English is going great and I really do enjoy it – makes me think about the English language on a more in-depth level – we have so many words for the same thing – this is astounding to one of my students and makes my hard difficult because it can complicate things fast.

Now what is the different kind of holiday I reference in my title – well today just happens to be Berat Kandili which is “The forgiveness of the sins” and it is the 4th religious evening in the Muslim calendar. Kandil means candle because the mosques are illuminated to let the public know that it is a holy night. Most if not all of the bakeries were selling Kandil Simidi (Simit – the bread rings) today and it definitely made the city smell great. Granted you can get Simit any old day, but today they are special (:

For dinner we had a bunch of delish food and had the great company of the aunt – it was my first time meeting her, but she is a super nice lady. Just sitting and listening to the two sisters banter back and forth was entertaining. We even had the traditional dessert of the day – lokma tatllısı – fried dough with syrup – yeah just imagine a doughnut hole soaked in honey syrup – I limited myself to one – serious damage could have happened but I took control of the situation.

Off to do some Turkish studies. My class has dropped to 17 – still large but not as bad as 20 (:

Cheers and Happy 4th