To Chocolate Filled Strawberries

Are strawberries crazy on sale near you too? They are just in every store at a discount price, just screaming to be covered filled with chocolate!

Now I love chocolate covered strawberries – these ones with the added touch of pistachios don’t hold back.

Chocolate Filled Strawberry (2)

These are just a twist on the regular version – inside out instead of outside in…or wait is it the other way around…

Either way you get chocolate and strawberry and are set for life…or until your mug is empty (:

Super quick, easy and mess free

10 Strawberries, washed with stems cut off
1/3 cup chocolate, melted (I used dark)

Cut about an inch out of the strawberry and then fill with chocolate.
Try to have them stand upright (I used a muffin tin, washed egg cartons would work too)
Let the chocolate set, and then enjoy!

Chocolate Filled StrawberryCheers



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