My Time in Turkey Through GIFs III

These are way overdue. A few sneak peaks into my study abroad experience in Turkey lately to go along with these and of course these too.  I am sure they are applicable to other study abroad/life experiences.

What happens 95% of the time when I board an Istanbul Bus:

What I look like on the public buses

What happens 5% of the time when I get off an Istanbul Bus because there was no traffic:

No Traffic Dance

When the waiter tells me the restaurant is out of çay

When I look out my window and its raining

What the hills around my apartment and campus look like when it rains:My Hill When It Rains

What I feel like when it rains and I am caught without an umbrella because the forecast didn’t mention rain:

Getting Caught in the Rain with No Umbrella

When I hear someone brought over dessert:

When someone spontaneously buys dessert

What the vendors in the Grand Bazaar do to lure you into their shops:Turkish Grand Bazaar Vendors

What the vendors in the Spice Bazaar say to lure you into their shops:
Turkish Vendors at the Spice Bazaar

What my soccer team looks like when we are doing our hip stretches:

Soccer Practice Hip Stretches

What I look like when trying to conjugate verbs in Turkish class

Trying to conjugate Turkish verbs in Class

What my Turkish teacher is thinking after I conjugate verbs:

Learning Turkish

How I feel on the inside when my friends and I make plans to go to Turkish breakfast:

Making Plans for Turkish Breakfast

How I feel when a Turk compliments my Turkish:


My new method of washing clothes since my washing machine broke:

What Happens When Your Washer Machine Breaks

How the campus cats lure you in:

How the Kittens Lure You In

What I wanted to do to the cat that pooped on me:

The Rage I felt when a cat pooped on me

What I do to any cat I now see:

Me to the campus cats

or this: Stay Away From Me

What it looks like trying to get on any public transportation in Turkey:

Getting on public transportation in Istanbul

When I am stuck in traffic and am running late:

When I am Stuck on the Bus and Am Late

What I look like coming out of the Hamam (Turkish Bath House)

Coming out of the Turkish Bath

When I realize how soon I will be able to eat Mexican food: When I think about how soon I will be able to eat Mexican food

When I realize how much colder it will be once I am back home: When I think About Cold It is back home

Me and my friends when Gangnam Style plays:

When Gangnam Style Plays

What my daily battle with the Istanbul sidewalks looks like:
Me vs. Istanbul Sidewalks

When I navigate the city successfully: When Gangnam Style Plays

What my friends and I look like in the back of the taxi when the driver plays American music: When The Taxi Driver Plays American Music



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