Partaking in Istanbul Eats #2

It’s another edition of Partaking in Istanbul Eats! Yesterday I found myself on a little adventure with some friends. Now for this post I will just focus on the eating portion, but I will be sure to let you know what I did on the rest of my adventure (which mostly included great views of Istanbul and great company). 

My friend Doro and I hit up Karaköy Güllüöglü, down in Karaköy and well there is a reason that it has been around since 1820 and why it is a featured place with Istanbul Eats.

It was scrumptious and the place really does smell of sweet butter and honey that combines with fresh nuts to make some of the best Baklava I have ever eaten.

Ohh and we won’t talk about how this was our second baklava stop of the day. In all fairness though, we did share in both indulgences (;


DSC09026Inside the shop/restaurant. Plenty of people were getting plates to share while others were getting big boxes packaged up to take homeDSC09030Doro going in for the kill. DSC09032

Overlapping doors – sitting outside is truly awesome. The rainfall made for nice music. DSC09028

Our shared treat (the white glob is Kaymak – Turkish cream) Chocolate baklava tastes like heaven.

Baklava Turkish Flag

So if you come to Istanbul be sure to find this shop whose owners are tried and true baklava gurus. You won’t be disappointed.

Cheers from Istanbul


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