İstanbul: Spice Bazaar and Surrounding Area

The Spice Bazaar the Egyptian Bazaar (Mısır Çarşısı) is one of the most frequented sights in Istanbul. While the Spice Bazaar is really cool, I am a bigger fan of the bazaar area in the surrounding area – especially the baking stores (go figure). These are the same streets where I made the random purchase of two miniature bundt pans with my parents.  I had been wanting a baklava rod (a wooden rod to roll out and make baklava with) since arriving in Turkey, but had yet to buy one, until now. I finally got my rod and in addition I also bought a copper pepper grinder and a menemen (delicious Turkish egg dish) pan! It is a dangerous area to say the least, but is absolutely fantastic to see everything.


The no smoking sign just destroys a beautiful shot. The bazaar has been around for over 300 years!


Note that the hats have 2013 written on them. 2013!!! Where did 2012 go?!?!


Trees of all shapes colors and sizes!

Some of the highlights: 

Baklava moments are too be had and are completely acceptable in the winding narrow alleyways. irresistible.

You can find awesome deals like 5tl ($2.50) for 1kg (2.2lbs) of dried figs.

Just like at Jimmy John’s the smells are free.

DSC09004Dried peppers and other veggies! What my host mom was doing all summer (:

Spice Bazaar

Where my friend Doro bought a kilo of pul biber (red pepper flakes) fromDSC09017

Yeni Camıı – New Mosque right next to the Spice Bazaar

Baklava we had in the winding back alleyways – phenomenal

Cheers from the city that never sleeps


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