İstanbul Sting Concert

Last minute decisions are usually pretty grand. Last minute decisions that involve seeing famous musicians like Sting are just flat out grand. My friend Alex and I decided Sunday night to buy tickets to the Monday night Sting Concert here in Istanbul. The man is a legend. The whole arena was roaring.

We made it a night of spontaneity by finding a pizza place in a random shopping center and sharing chowing down on what the Turks like to call “Chicago-Style” pizza. While not exactly like Chicago Style pizza from back home, it was pretty darn good. We also were not in a rush because well concerts never start on time and things definitely don’t start on time in Turkey. Or so was our thought process. We were highly mistaken. The concert definitely started on time so we missed about the first 15 minutes, but still got enough Roxanne, Message in a Bottle and Shape of My Heart to carry us through the night and make it a not so ordinary Monday evening.

Alex and I – with Sting in the background

The man. The legend.

Cheers from the Istanbul music scene


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