İstanbul: Then and Now

I came across a great 10 photo gallery while exploring the internet that showcases İstanbul throughout the past decades. İstanbul is a city that has exploded. This term I have a 92 year old professor, who reminds us in basically every course that she remembers what the city looked like at 1 million (yes somewhere during my study abroad I started replacing semester with term and class with course – let’s not think about it, let’s just accept that Turkish has changed my vocabulary). She herself, like the photographer, Ara Güler, have lived through the population boom and have watched their city transform before their very eyes.

Be sure to check out the rest of the vintage photos via the photo gallery (:

Simit Vendor, 1975 – Ara Güler

Simit stand, 2012

Simit Cart Vendor, 2012

Ferry Service at Eminönü, 1972  – Ara Güler

Ferry Service at Eminönü, 2012

Bosphorous Fishermen, 1951 – Ara Güler

Bosphorous Fishermen, 2012

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