My Friend Tina Visited!

I went on a tad little hiatus of posting, but I have the best excuse in the whole world. My BEST friend from the good ole days of high school came for a little visit! Yep Tina flew across the Atlantic Pond to join me in Turkey for Turkey day!! I felt so loved.

Needless to say it was Round 2 (first round here) of showing Istanbul off to the people I love. Round 3 will be approaching soon when this awesome and totally rad friend visits.

We did a plethora of things. I mean really I think I exhausted her. Well I know I exhausted myself, so I came only assume that I exhausted her too. She was quite the trooper.  We had some morning struggles of getting up to get our days going. Many things were seen, tons of things were eaten and extreme laughs were had. She left with a few Turkish boyfriends (from the Grand Bazaar of course) too – even though she probably will not see them again because even if she does make it back to the land of Turks, what are the chances of finding her way back to their stalls in the bazaar – minimal because that place is a maze.

Some of my favorite moments/highlights of her visit are:

Taking a cooking course together with Cooking Alaturka –> Phenomenal. If you ever come to Istanbul, be sure to book a reservation. You won’t regret it. I’ve already done it twice! 

Crossing over to the Asian side and stumbling upon a “floating” – yes it was on water, women’s handmade goods bazaar. Don’t worry mums I definitely bought a pair of wool socks (low ankle) so that you can use them as your template to make me some more (:

Having Turkish dinner at my 92 year old professor’s house with my class. To include a sparkler in the Turkey! 

Going to a hamam – sorry no pictures 🙂 –  and then doing some shopping in the Grand Bazaar! Found a great tea set 

Wandering through numerous markets! 

But most importantly it was just about spending time with my friend and showing her some of the things that I love most about Istanbul! Many of those things just happened to include food (: Thus a serious Istanbul food tour was endured. I give her a round of applause for wanting to try and accomplishing that great feat of almost every food dish this city boasts. It was extremely impressive

Cheers to friendships


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