Versailles the End to a European Vacation

Versailles is one of those places that is neither explainable with words or photos. It is more of an experience thing. Our visit to Versailles meant ending a fabulous Euro BackPacking Trip with a bang. We were pretty exhausted after all our miles traveled, but we had just enough energy left to tour Versailles. I highly recommend the train ride from Paris out to the Palace – you won’t regret it. Here and snow snapshots from throughout, but only go there yourself will give the place justice.

Some strange art expo was taking place in the palace – pot and pan shoes…

Lace lions 

Un-nameable flying objects…
And don’t forget about pink feather helicopters…

Ended our stay in Versailles with some cider served in mugs and some Galletes (savory crepes) – yum

Here’s to the end of my EuroVacay blog posts (yep took me long enough) and to having an amazing friend who I know I can count on anytime. Europe with Jess is always an adventure. Thanks for putting up with me Jess!

Memorable Quotes:

“I am forever in Porto” – Nat post writing her name in the cement

“Hey, are you guys from North America” – fellow traveler upon our arrival in Lisbon and Jess having to think if we were in fact from North America – he was Canadian (;

“I think we are going in a circle – yep we definitely just made a loop. Taxi?” – Jess during our “improv bus tour” through Sevilla trying to get to our hostel.

and many many more (:

and a last photo for a good laugh- last hotel room for the trip –> can’t get a toilet any closer to the bed (:



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