November Earworms

Some of my addictions the little things I am currently maxing out on this month are the following:

Harold – he is just so fantastic. Harold’s Planet is my second favorite planet (after Earth, naturally). Harold just knows life. I have you to blame for this Whit.

Cauliflower – this falls in the healthy addiction category so really it’s more a good thing than a bad thing. This cauliflower recipe was fabulous, and this one really brought me some fall cheer..and a soup belly.

Cupcakes – back in August I hit the cupcake wall where I just wanted to with cupcakes and I still haven’t gotten my fix. Even more torturous – a friend found this gem. A group of us are on the verge of placing an order. But really I just wanna make some mini cupcakes likes these…sigh

70 degree days in November – yes I will continue to soak up the rays as this is one of the nicest introductions to November that I have ever had. Fingers crossed the weather sticks around since I have a friend visiting in two weeks!

Browsing through blogs, but more specifically through the blogs of people I have met while abroad. Alex’s blog is like mine in that it shifted from a baking focus to a study abroad focus for her time in Istanbul and Shaye’s blog is just her take on Istanbul and some of the interesting things she has found about the city and can be described in the one quick word of cool (:

What are your current favorites – share with me and maybe I will have you to blame for a future earworm – the highest of compliments



2 thoughts on “November Earworms

  1. I also blame Whit for the Harold pics haha- they are great. Here’s an interesting earworm: Bhangra dubstep remixes/indian club music. Not even kidding haha- yesterday was Diwali so my friend and I (who was celebrating) were listening to a lot 🙂 It’s catchy.

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