Sunday Adventure in Istanbul

A couple Sundays ago my friend Alex, the friend who accompanied me on a former Istanbul Adventure, set off for a little exploring in Istanbul. On our agenda was a Kaymak (Turkish cream) restaurant in Beşiktaş that I found via the Istanbul Eats iPhone app – but we ran into a tad bit of a problem. it was a Sunday and it was game day so the fish restaurants near the Kaymak restaurant were completely packed leading to our inability to find our intended end destination. Nonetheless we still had a great time down in Beşiktaş in the covered bazaar where we each bought a purse, checked out the fish market and then took a half hour stroll down the Boshporus to Ortaköy where we partook in not only the Kumpır (Turkish Baked Potato) experience, but also the waffle experience. Both were a necessity. I also made my first scarf purchases since being here. I had found the best red patterned scarf a few weeks ago when I ventured to the Ortaköy Sunday Market alone and didn’t buy it but with it still on my mind I decided that it was time I made the splurge. Naturally I got talked into buying a second scarf. I am always talked into buying more than I planned on #typical.

A little construction to walk through – they never seem to stop working here.

The fish market (Carsı Balıkcısı) in Beşiktaş

The small produce section

Super fishy smellingSokakta Hayat Var – The life is in the streets

Old vinyls for sale!

Turkish patriotism in the streets

Jewelry for sale

Kumpır -Turkish baked potato

Alex and her waffle – the waffle maker just kept loading hers up

Me and my waffle – love how they wrap it up for you

The waffle men loved that we were American but they were all about Texas! When we asked what city in Texas they were from they just kept saying Texas and then said middle of Texas. They were too funny.

So with full bellies and a bit of exploring under our belts we headed home for the night – a successful Sunday adventure!

Cheers from a study abroad-er


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