Granada Spain and the Al Hambra

Granada was basically the city that our EuroVacay was centered around. Both Jess and I agreed that we had to see the city that was said to be like the Spanish version of Verona, Italy – the place where the two of us had studied abroad together and had thus formed our strong friendship. Not to mention the Al Hambra has been on my bucket list for ages! A little bit too much of reading Philippa Gregory and the life of Katherine of Aragon may be the reason for that. Two fellow travelers we crossed paths with described the Al Hambra as a photo shoot hiding behind every corner because of the extreme detail of the palace. I am pretty sure Jess and I walked through with our jaws dropped the whole time.

Be sure to give yourself quite a few hours to tour the grounds – you will need it. Also, go early in the morning because the light is much better and the play with shadows is amazing. Not to mention if you are visiting in the summer time it gets super hot up there so the cool weather in the morning is definitely preferred. Either way there is no way of doing the Al Hambra wrong – you will fall in love…be prepared for that.

Granada is a fabulous city that sits on a “river” – we thought it was more of a creek. But it really is the Spanish version of Verona and that made mine and Jess’s hearts swoon. I did feel like I was back in Turkey with all the shopping though since there were many Middle Eastern influences noticeable in the souvenirs. Jess was sure to take advantage of it – a prime shopping place to say the least (:

And if you didn’t already know from my previous post – it is the Tapas capital so be sure to get some good free grub while you are there – you won’t be disappointed

Morning sun waking up GranadaAl Hambra Gardens

I think this is my favorite photo from the day

Al Hambra Gardens

View of Granada from atop the Al Hambra Hill

One of the Churches in Granada (taken from the Al Hambra hill)

Loved all of the possibilities for reflection photos on the Al Hambra grounds

The entire Al Hambra was extremely symmetrical

Jess’s friend who studied abroad in Granada recommended La Bella y La Bestia to us (The Beauty and the Beast)

So we grabbed some lunch there…it was good

I loved the interior decorations

One of the main walking areas

We climbed up this mountain a few times to get shots of the Al Hambra at different times of day. That’s dedication

Shopping time in Granada (Jess did quite a bit of this)We got to see a Flamenco show (: Photo credit to my friend Jess


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