To Plum & Peach Crepes

This recipe did not disappoint. Nope not one bit (or bite) and I don’t think it will disappoint for you either.

I mentioned my obsession with making crepes in my October Earworms, but maybe I didn’t tell the Whole Truth. The truth being that I wanted crepes so badly that I walked out of my apartment in my pajamas to the local supermarket about 6 skips from my apartment just to buy milk so that I could make these crepes. Yep, that right there is maybe the first signs of something being unhealthy, but you know what, sometimes you need the little things in life like that to brighten your weekday morning.

These were a sublime dessert post a scrumptious and hearty fall soup that my friend Leila made for me. Yeah we went there – dessert with lunch. Oops.

You should do it too. Highly recommended. Topping out the list. Really. Truly. Now. Do It.

Just head on over to La Tartine Gourmande for the recipe and her beautiful photos – will have to give these another go and work on the presentation (:

Cheers from my Turkish Kitchen

Hot plate friendly


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