Tapas Tour in Granada Spain

Granada is the tapas capital of Spain and for good reason. The Tapas Bars in Granada find great pride in making sure that the tapas they serve up will be remembered for awhile. Our hostel organized a tapas tour so Jess and I decided that we might as well take advantage of it. We went to 4 different tapas bars and while we were content with the first and second bars, it was the third and definitely the fourth that took tapas to a whole new level for us. The only catch is that you buy a drink at each bar and then the free tapas will magically arrive. So not only were we getting to try a variety of Spanish drinks, we also got dinner for free (: Be sure to note that the tapas got bigger and fancier as the night went on. We had an awesome group of travelers with us that made the tapas bar crawl that much more enjoyable. Best type of bar crawl – a tapas bar crawl

Jess at the first bar with a sangria like drink (they mix sangria and lemonade)

Potato Pancakes and weird sausages

Veggie Tapas Plate

The second bar – we sat at the high table in the picture

Alhambra beer – we were in Granada afterall

Octopus Salad

Potato Jackets

Carne something…

The tabletops at the fourth bar had post stamps underneath them – too cool

Amazing and cheap mojitos

Hummus Tapas

Quesadilla Tapas

And then the tapas became meal like

The best tapas/travel partner in the world Ended the night with a nice talk atop a hill looking acros to the Alhambra (didn’t have camera with me – sorry for the dots)

Cheers from Spain (in spirit)



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