Sevilla, Spain

Portugal to Spain travel required two bus rides and two long bus rides at that. Our day could basically be chalked up to travel. Our first bus was from Lisbon down south to Faro. While on layover in Faro we had lunch a nice lunch by the waterside. Then we boarded our second bus that would take us across borders. Long day of travel but we made it and getting to Sevilla made it all worth it. This was a quick (night and day) stopover, but I truly recommend a trip to Sevilla and the Andalusia region of Spain.

While I took pictures of the countryside

Jess was a tad more productive with journaling

After a long day of travel, a table by the Sevilla Cathedral complete with a jar of Sangria and tapas was much welcomed

We started our sight-seeing day in Sevilla early. First stop was the Cathedral

The Cathedral happens to be the largest gothic Cathedral in the world, in addition to being the third largest church in the world. It was the largest cathedral up until the 16th century when the Hagia Sophia (Istanbul) was built (:

And we found – Christopher Columbus

And of course I needed a photo of one of the Cathedral’s gargoyles

Giralda – the Bell Tower (stands 343 ft. tall)

My love for shadows

Torre del Oro

A little Maroon 5 love and a shout out to my sister (:

The infamous Plaza de Toros – where the Bullfights go down (:

Plaza de Espana – the most amazing plaza I have ever stepped foot into. The #1 reason to visit Sevilla – the tile work is out of this world amazing

One of my favorite pictures taken while in Sevilla. Love the blue and white tile bridge rods

Spanish fans

Naturally we found Plaza de San Francisco

Tapas lunch place that was fabulous. Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of the restaurant

Last photo of Plaza de Espana because it was that great

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