Porto, Portugal

Porto is an amazing city to visit. One piece of advice – actually stay in Porto and don’t try and do it in a day like Jess and I. Granted we still had a wonderful and memorable visit but it definitely would have been great to stay there for a night, or two. Porto is also the 2nd largest city in Portugal after Lisbon so boasts quite a few things to do. Not to mention you could always just go from one Port Cave to the next…One’s sight-seeing in Porto starts in the train station. Some of the most impressive tile work I have ever seen!

Luis I Iron Bridge and the Douro River – Our view while having a picnic on the banks

Riverfront along the Douro River (also where I found a bracelet on the ground!)

Porto Riverfront

Sandeman’s is one of the most known Port Caves in Porto

Kopke – where Jess and I decided to have a little Wine and Chocolate Tasting

The tasting! 

All done. I ended up drinking all of mine and then some of Jess’s reds since those make her sick. Needless to say that much wine led to some interesting decisions of mine

No I didn’t jump off the bridge – but I was really close, and Jess was a tad afraid I really was going to join the locals

Saint Francis Church

Inside of Saint Francis – gilded over in 400kg of gold!!!

Photos were forbidden (classy decision Nat)

Paying homage to my saint!

While Jess was getting us through the city, I was busy doing this…

Another wise decision on my behalf

Lello & Irmao Bookstore – Founded in 1906 (pictures were forbidden in here too) Don’t take me on a wine/chocolate tasting

A peacock adorning one of the plaza buildings

Look at those hills!

We went into a bakery

And then another one…

and a third one…

and we ate some of these too

My awesome travel buddy! 

Watching the sunset cascade across the buildings we raced to the train station so we wouldn’t miss our ride home!

A day spent in Porto was great, but more time would have definitely been better (:

Cheers from Porto (in Spirit)


2 thoughts on “Porto, Portugal

  1. I love this 🙂 It’s been so fun to relive our vacation through your posts & this was exactly what I needed on a day like today.

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