A Day in Sintra, Portugal

A little day trip to Sintra was an all around success for my friend and I. Sintra is super easy to get to from Lisbon, so if you ever find yourself in Lisbon, I highly recommend taking the train to Sintra for the day.

Sintra is a great Portuguese town that is extremely fairy tale esque with a lot of history. In fact there are three major sites to see amongst many more. With only a day to check out the town, we opted to go to the Pena National Summer Palace and I am certainly glad we did. Around every corner laid another photo shoot opportunity, landing my friend and I in the palace for a good three hours. We easily could have stayed longer if we weren’t in dire need of food. The palace sits on top of a huge (and I mean huge) hill overlooking the city. While some are extremely adventurous (and fit) climb all the way up (a good 2 hour commitment), most take a bus to the top. Once at “the top” you can opt for a 10 minute walk or another quick bus. We opted for the walk

The trail we walked up within the Palace Gardens

Jess trying to figure out where we were in the Gardens

Finally emerging out of the gardens and seeing the palace up close

Almost as great as the Parisian Gargoyles

Palm Trees make it an easy summer retreat spot (:

Portuguese Flag

Don’t you think the palace belongs in a Disney movie?

Now I am gonna show you some of the small details around the palace that just made me super obsessive over this place

The detail on this guy is just exquisite

And the views from the Palace are just breathtaking

View of Castelo dos Mouros – another monument in Sintra

I decided to lay down on the way down the hill (like I said earlier we were in dire need of food and energy)

In trying to find a market for food, we came across a liquor store selling the traditional Ginja drink – a cherry liquor that you SHOULD drink out of a little chocolate shot cup. And then of course you eat the chocolate (:

The cups were sooo good. I was a good child and purchased a bottle of the liquor for the parentals.

A horse carriage we saw when taking a walk through a neighborhood

One of the cool things about Sintra is that along a road where lots of artists were out selling their goods, there were also random statues and other forms of artistic expression

This is one of those that falls in the category of “artistic expressions”

Some of the shops we passed by…and went into

A teaser for what is next to come in my recall of my time in Portugal – this Cabo da Roca – the most western point of Mainland Europe (:

So the point of this post is “GO TO SINTRA – THE LAND OF FAIRYTALES”

Cheers from Portugal (in spirit)


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