The Nanny Diaries: Istanbul

So I think I have mentioned this already, but just in case I haven’t I got extremely lucky and scored a baby-sitting gig for my semester in Istanbul. The family is quite wonderful and the little girl is adorable.

Now finding bathrooms in Turkey can be a challenge. That challenge gets upped by about 86 times when it is a 5 year old who need the bathroom. When a little tod tells you they gotta go potty it’s pretty much an immediate need. Call the emergency squad and bring out the flashing lights because it’s a do or die type of scenario.

How do you make that already difficult challenge that much more challenging? Well I can answer that. You are on Istanbul’s equivalent of Michigan Avenue. The situation calls for an immediate scanning of your surroundings and picking the one location/restaurant that is decent enough looking that it won’t be an awful bathroom and where the people look friendly enough to let your little pal use the bathroom without being a patron.

So there we are shuffling into the restaurant and when I first asked if there was a toilet the guys looked super skeptical until I pointed down to my little clinger and they gave me pity. However, there was a line and it was a one stall type of place. Thankfully those in line let us jump ahead . Women of every nation can relate and that would of just be downright mean if they didn’t let the little one go.

So, now I find myself asking my little pal if she needs to use the potty all the time. Really didn’t think I could overuse that word, but I certainly have.

ps it took about 10 hours of hanging out with my little friend for her to say other things besides “I gotta go potty”. Little steps, little steps.

Cheers to living out a nanny diary type of life


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