Hello Portugal

Portugal just happens to be one of those countries that I have been extremely intrigued with traveling to. I was in no means let down by this beautiful and super colorful country. The first night let me with lots of hope and over the next few days I was definitely not let down. Portugal ranks up there as one of the places that I highly recommend you travel too. It is not as overflowing with tourists as some of the other places I’ve been and I absolutely loved that.

We arrived into Lisbon in the evening.

A wine store we wandered into and bought a bottle of port at.

We spent that first night wandering through the dark barely lit streets in search of a quaint little restaurant to eat at – which is exactly what we found at Caração da Sé. Both of our meals were absolutely fabulous.

Kinda a romantic setting…

Portugal bread trumped Spanish bread. My glass of house wine was cheaper than what the menu stated – #score

Me with my amazing dinner that was like a cod scramble

Post dinner we found a local Fado Bar and listened to some locals show off their skills. I didn’t take any pictures of the Fado singers, but this was a cool mural we found during the day that depicts the local tradition.

Until the next European travels post



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