New Spin on Family Vacay

In a few short hours I will be boarding my 12 hour long bus ride to the beautiful (well the pictures tell me so) city of Bodrum. Bodrum said in Turkey is the equivalent of saying Hawaii in the US so I am super ecstatic – words don’t describe my excitement.

Now this is gonna be a whole new experience for me not only because I am in a new place (that is a given) but because it is for the celebration of Bayram (ending of the month of Ramazan) and I am going with my Turkish host family. Putting a new spin on family vacation.

My time in Ankara and my time with my awesome host family is coming to an end so this is a perfect ending to my three months in the capital. Not to mention I get to hang with my Turk Father again (hopefully this time our bonding does not include condoling me at the breakfast table after my not so fortunate date with the porcelain throne – uffff – bad memories)

If I understood my host mom there is a running path that I can run on or depending on the beaches I just might get a nice sand work-out in – super pumped.

So for the next few days I will be soaking in Turkey’s southern sun and breathtaking views. Hoping to get some reading done – both recreational and educational. Not sure I will have access to the world wide web, but if I do I will be sure to post pictures that are bound to make all eyes that see them jealous.

Any family vacations for yall coming up?

Cheers from Turkey


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