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This past weekend I traveled to the Ottoman Village Fairytale town of Safranbolu – North of Ankara by about three hours. Great little city to visit with plenty of adventures that I will be posting about. My friend Audrey and I also visited Yenice Forest which is about an hour from Safranbolu – felt great to be out in nature. Here are just a few of the photos from my little weekend get-away

Yenice Forest and Şeker Canyon – near Safranbolu

Me on top of the hill that overlooks the old city of Safranbolu. The new part of the town is in the background.

Overlookıng the Ottoman Village of Safranbolu

Ottoman House

Inside the Caravansary or Han – it is now a hotel

Alvaro and I as old travelers in the Han

Our view during lunch

More of the view from the lunch table

This cat was chilling out with us at lunch – one blue and one yellow eye – totally cool

The locally produced soda in Safranbolu

The cave we visited – 4th largest in Turkey

Yenice Forest

Audrey and I split tea at a Nargile Cafe

River going through Yenice Forest

Yenice Forest

One Buttery

Two Butterly

My favorite picture from the forest

We ended up at the construction site for a hotel

What will be the view from the hotel rooms

More future hotel views – quite breathtaking

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