Hypothermia Shower

A quick post because I have lots and lots of Turkish to study.

But I think I just took the coldest shower of my life and that is saying something. I embraced the ice cold bucket showers (big bucket with little bucket method) in India where your body is producing steam because it is warmer than the water – yes 3 weeks of that really makes you appreciate a shower head that pours out hot water. And I’ve even showered in the cold mountain water of Thailand when in Chiang Mai. Heck, stateside I’ve even had to embrace the shower shivers when on a volunteer trip in Memphis. I guess you cold say I’ve become a little bit of an expert of how to approach a cold shower, but I was not expecting it at my home stay. Now if I hadn’t gone for a run I would of just foregone the shower – I also have a little bit of expertise in not showering for extended periods of time (usually finals induced), but post my run tonight I was stinky and my hair was super sweaty (sorry for the overshare) so a shower was a must.

Now I should have realized when washing dishes post dinner that there was no hot water, but I just figured it was a glitch with the kitchen sink – boy was I wrong – the whole apartment is without hot water. Needless to say it was a quick shower and my body temperature is slowly warming back up – just a few minutes of hypothermia doesn’t hurt, right?

I will update tomorrow about my weekend travels – I traveled nearby (only about 3 hours away) but I have a good story or two to share and photos, but they just have to wait.

Must get back to Turkish studies and warming my body up – shouldn’t be hard in my inferno room

Cheers from the land of confused temperatures



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