My Time in Turkey Through GIFs II

Many informed me that they loved my GIFs from a couple weeks ago so I thought I have kept yall all waiting long enough for the second installment. In case you missed the first round you can click to it here!

What I wish I could do in Ankara Traffic

The More Plausible Outcome

Me Walking in Ankara on My First Day

Riding a Dolmuş Part II

Trying to Explain Something in Turkish and Realizing I don’t know the Vocabulary

Running into a Fellow Illini Abroad

Trying My Friend Flora’s Pickle Juice in Istanbul

Istanbul with its heat and humidity

Turkish Men to Tourists

Taxi Drivers Response when I Speak to them in Turkish to make a Fare Deal

What Everyone Looks Like During my Morning Commute

What my Turkish Teacher Really Wants to do when I say I understand – “Sure you do”

Eating Something Really Hot but Trying to Keep it Together out of Respect

Me Dreaming About Soy Milk

Drinking Raki – doesn’t get easier with attempts

When I am oblivious to my surroundings and try to exit the metro via the entrance

What my conversations with my Japanese roommate look like

What said roommate does on the rare occasion she is ready to go to class on time  – who needs Turkish when you have hand gestures??

Cheers from the land of Turks