The Power of a Jinx

Jinx knock on wood is one of those sayings that just seems to never disappear – rather it gets more ironic the older you get.

Today I had a great lunch at one of my favorite cafes in Ankara with the American who stayed at my homestay before me. She shared her story of how her first day in Ankara – straight off the plane – the apartment had no water. Huh? Yeah Turkey is definitely not considered a developing country but nearby construction anywhere can mess with your water supply AND your electricity supply.

She then went on to say how candles were the source of lighting then. Normal – this I can relate to, but no candles because the stock was not refilled because they are ridiculously expensive in this country – that’s all sorts of bad for a claustrophobia prone person because the dark just has a way of creeping in on you and making everything smaller (like a week back when I got stuck in the elevator of the building I teach English in – pitch black super small and the only relief in it all was that I was alone because yes in this scenario riding with someone else would’ve just cramped my style and made it even more of a sweaty situation because I would have had to talk in Turkish with a stranger instead of inhaling and exhaling deep breathes – nightmarish – you better believe that since that experience I have opted to climb to the 8th floor instead).

Now Azusa (the other girl at the homestay) told me that the week before I arrived there was no electricity – AHHHHHHHH. Good thing I arrived when I did – small blessings in disguise.

Thus I had only experienced one small electricity shortage and it was no big deal because I was home alone and it was still daytime….until today.

Yes, after leaving the cafe I went and mailed a big batch of postcards to the lucky winners of this round and then headed home – little did I know that the electricity was out. When I was walking up to the building I noticed that the convenience store on the corner of our building was running a generator and a little voice in my head said – yep you probably jinxed yourself.

The electricity outage was only a few hours long and just like my previous experience I was home alone and it was still daytime. Small blessings I tell you.

Never question the power of a jinx – knock on that wood I say.

It beats the electrical problems of my Italian apartment where if we consumed TOO much we set off a series of ear-deafening alarms throughout the whole apartment building – I’m sure the Verona ladies remember those late nights of running frantically for Geovani our handy man – classic moments abroad.

In the confusing world of Turkish I was reading the menu and asked Selina what Jambon was – she said don’t know I’ll look it up in my dictionary. Surprisingly it’s ham…..don’t worry I am still confused over why ham is on a menu in a predominantly muslim country also, because the chances of it being something else instead of ham are much greater than the chances of it actually being ham which just gets your mind thinking all sorts of strange things…and no I don’t think spam has made its appearance here….

For you Spanish speakers, supposedly Jambon is ham in Spanish too – loan word in action right there.