Crunchy Underwear

Crunchy underwear you may be wondering what on earth I am talking about and well I am talking about a daily experience here in Turkey. You see, in Turkey, along with most of the rest of the world, dryers are few and far between. It is back to grandma’s way of line-drying everything. Now for the most part I don’t mind line-dried clothes, but the one thing I could have a little less of in my life is crunchy underwear. Without softener in the wash and without a nice snuggles dryer sheet my clothes come off the line a little hard, or my preferred word of crunchy. Thankfully after a bit of wearing the crunchy disappears but that initial wear is always rough – get it?

Yesterday during a chat session with my friend Alz, who just returned stateside after a nice half-year stint in Bologna, Italy we got to talking about crunchy underwear and she is a gal who understands and feels for me having experienced the crunchy underwear in Italy. Normally we don’t talk about such odd topics – actually that is probably a lie, but the reason we got on the subject of laundry is because of a comical laundry mishap. My host mom had put my clothes out to dry Sunday night and when I went to take them down on Monday morning I noticed that one of the clothespins was empty – a little muddled I looked over the balcony and saw that my sports bra had somehow ended up on the downstairs neighbors balcony. After scratching my head and weighing my options I figured the best was probably just to talk about it with my host mom later. Nothing to worry about right – it was safe on the neighbor’s balcony. Insert scenario of host mom and I talking over dinner about my sports bra on the neighbor’s balcony and her not sure she understood me correctly so getting up from the table to look for herself. Classic. Nonetheless my host mom later returned that night with my sports bra in tow (and that was when I was skyping with Alz). Can’t give enough praise to that woman – she is a saint.

Now this isn’t the first time I have had been abroad and thus not my first experience with line-drying but I think city pollution adds to it, because I surely don’t remember my underwear to ever be this crunchy in the past.

I guess there are worse things in life, right? I mean they could be crunchy due to other reasons….let your mind wander (;

Now don’t judge unless you too have experienced the “hard”ships of crunchy underwear – I’m sure you prefer soft cotton, lace or silk on your booty too (:

Cheers from the land of crunchy underwear