What do I think of when I think of coding? Computer Science guys (aka my friend Johnny B) and the ridiculous amount of high activity that is constantly going on in their brains and my complete and utter lack of comprehension. Really it is just a whole bunch of random numbers and letters to me – I consider it a foreign language all on its own.

Why am I telling you about coding? Well today at the school where I teach English there was a “tech” guy –> his words not mine in the front office where I was hanging out and he was re-installing the wi-fi internet. At first he started rattling off Turkish at me but then stopped when he saw my eyes get really big – yes I am learning Turkish, no I don’t understand rapid fire Turkish and I sure as hell don’t understand coding or internet installation…in any language. Gave the internet installation a try senior year of college –> major fail, but that could have been because our router was a dud, so maybe I do have some internet installation skills…

From then on I was left by myself until they wanted to check the wi-fi connection so asked to borrow my laptop – the first words out of their mouth “ufffff MAC” –> yes yes I made the switch just shy of a year ago and I won’t be going back “Once you go Mac, you don’t go back”. Now they were asking me how to find some program in my harddrive and I miraculously helped them find “Terminal” – had yet to use it. All I know is that when I got my computer back there was a program open with the coding language all over the place – it was like taunting me from the screen. Whatever they did worked because the wifi was connected and really that’s what I cared about. I was going to be helping my student edit her thesis and let’s just say that a medical thesis and its terminology is a tad out of my vocabulary boundaries too – but I somehow pulled that off too and know a heck of a lot more about carditis.

Computer dudes, tech guys, CS majors –> all the same in every country – well maybe I should rephrase and say the same in Turkey and the US – they truly are a breed of their own – and I mean that with the highest compliments – I wish I could do what they do. My favorite was the one guy wore glasses but liked to perch them on top of his head and do a one eyed squint at the computer instead –> Classic.

Weekend Plan: Off to Istanbul tomorrow to meet the gal I will be subleasing my apartment from for the fall term – thank you Craig’s List Turkey (: and hopefully crossing paths with a gal I meet a couple weeks ago in Cappadocia (:

Will be an adventure – it seems from the pictures of my hostel that the bathroom is a tad “blinged” out – I will confirm whether or not it is accurate advertising.