To Cake Batter Popcorn

I think the title gives this justice.

I also think this beats cake batter muddy buddies –> and those were good

This was suppose to be my snack for my plane ride, but my plane was overbooked which meant I had to check my carry on at the gate when boarding and forgot to grab it – my computer and toothbrush were more important. Super sad when I was cooped up in the Munich airport for 7 hours, but my pretzel got me through and this bag of delightfulness was enjoyed on Turkish soil instead.


1 snack bag of microwave popcorn

1 oz. of white chocolate or vanilla almond bark

1/2 tsp. shortening (optional)

1/8 cup of yellow cake mix



Pop the popcorn

Melt the chocolate and shortening.

Pour over the popcorn

Then mix in the cake mix and finally the sprinkles

Let cool a bit – this will be hard but trust me it is so much better once the chocolate hardens

Orange and Blue sprinkles were a must – yes school spirit was necessary – I think I am missing my university…

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