To Cake Batter Popcorn

I think the title gives this justice.

I also think this beats cake batter muddy buddies –> and those were good

This was suppose to be my snack for my plane ride, but my plane was overbooked which meant I had to check my carry on at the gate when boarding and forgot to grab it – my computer and toothbrush were more important. Super sad when I was cooped up in the Munich airport for 7 hours, but my pretzel got me through and this bag of delightfulness was enjoyed on Turkish soil instead.


1 snack bag of microwave popcorn

1 oz. of white chocolate or vanilla almond bark

1/2 tsp. shortening (optional)

1/8 cup of yellow cake mix



Pop the popcorn

Melt the chocolate and shortening.

Pour over the popcorn

Then mix in the cake mix and finally the sprinkles

Let cool a bit – this will be hard but trust me it is so much better once the chocolate hardens

Orange and Blue sprinkles were a must – yes school spirit was necessary – I think I am missing my university…

Call Me Maybe & A Day in Turkey

Call Me Maybe

I am a huge fan of Call Me Maybe – the song just gets catchier with every listen. I still can recount my first time hearing it and at first I hated it, but then it grew on me and now well I am kinda a die hard for the video remakes and parodies – the most recent – compliments of my sister (:

Not to mention I do think that Lochte deserves a bit more attention – just saying.

The Harvard Boys though I think will always remain my favorite – the wink just gets me. The SMU Girls put up a good battle though. Don’t forget Cookie Monster. (Shout out to Kat and Jess). Somehow the kids in the wedding 2 weekends ago knew all the words!!!

If you have no clue what I am talking about then you better be fire-clicking away at the links because that just means you have been living in a media black hole because the Call Me Maybe Remakes and Parodies lite up the internet and are still going strong and I LOVE it!

Now I guess I just have to be glad that youtube is no longer blocked in Turkey – how would I get my fix?

Funny Turkey Story for the Day

I needed to buy bus tickets to and from Istanbul this weekend so I went to the bus ticket office. I had my times all picked out and yet the guy wanted to change my times so that I could ride on the Rahat (Comfortable) bus as opposed to the Normal bus – really not a huge difference and I would rather save my 5 TL but I stayed strong in my decision and the whole while he just laughed and gave me that smile that all Turks seem to give me when they hear me speaking Turkish – it’s either a “wow your Turkish is really bad but at least you are trying” or “I understood what you wanted 5 minutes ago but wanted to see how long I could make you sweat with carrying on a conversation”.

Nonetheless I left with my two tickets in hand so I don’t pull another bus mess-up and get home at midnight.

The other highlights for the day:

Finished booking all the hostels for my friend Jessica and my trip to France/Portugal/Spain in a month!!!!

Bought a Zara dress for 20 TL (that’s right – skip out on four Comfortable buses and you can buy a legit dress)

Shopped the sales at Mango – love the store –> hate the fruit (:

Learned that Roka is Arugula in Turkish – you could say that dinner with my host mom tonight was a lesson in vegetables. She also showed me the trick of using your hand as measurement for how much bread you should eat…she went back for seconds…can’t blame her though, the pide they make just for Ramazan is fantastic…but then again I have yet to have Turkish bread that I don’t like – #turkishproblems

Am a quarter of the way through “Life of Pi” – learned that the director of the film is an Illini Alum – enjoying the book – looking forward to the movie at Christmas. I am one of those people who likes to read the book before seeing the movie, usually am let down but I have faith in Ang Lee.

Talked about “The Help” during my English Lesson today – my student was very intrigued by racial discrimination in the US – love the randomness (:

Cheers from Abroad