Rehash of USA

My ‘refresher’ week in the land of the red, white and blue was just that – refreshing.

I got to snuggle a little nugget named Zoey – we make good nap buddies – almost as good of nap buddies as these two – we are a super close second

I got to see my good friend Brittany get married – a classic wedding that suited her just right. The wedding and reception were both a blast – to include an ILLINI strong chant at the end of the night – school spirit (I think an insertion of spirit fingers here is appropriate).

I got to bake and all most baked goods were appreciated and good (I had a tad bit of a flop with making a yogurt based ice-cream for my mum’s birthday – sister likes to kid with me that what I make isn’t good – this time no need for jokes – it was bad, super bad, redemption was needed).

I got to run and not in circles – super grand! Ended the trip with a nice hilly 7 mile race –>; the BIX is a killer and yet you can’t keep me away from it – it is sooo bad it is good. The so bad it’s good is not applicable to ice-cream – maybe to dogs that are so ugly they are cute, but ice-cream – just a solid bad.

Pool time – when its 100 degrees a little time in the pool or poolside is much appreciated. Add in some cool aunts and mums and well you have a little pool party on your hands.

I got to listen to some country (aka CW as it is apparently called these days – sister and I are still wondering where that one came from mums). Two good songs that I am digging right now Home Sweet Home and 5-1-5-0

And food – yeah I got to have some good home cooked meals, some meals out and everything in between. Loved on waffles, maple syrup, sweet corn, filtered coffee, whole wheat flour, chips – baking chips that is, Greek yogurt and gallons of soy milk. Quite an odd mix I have going there, but all are missing in Turkey or have yet to be found.

I am looking forward to going back to the land of Turks because even though people there warn me that Ankara is hot and hungry I think my last month in the city that has become my temporary home with my Turkish host family will be a good one…I mean there has to be some upsides to Ramazan – oh right I remember – visiting the host family’s summer house in Bodrum at the end of it all (: