Homeward Bound

In just a few short hours I will heading to the bus station to take the HavaƟ Service to the airport. I get to look forward to a night of sleeping in the airport – grand – which will make for my 3rd night in 5 nights of not sleeping/not sleeping in a bed. Really need to improve that statistic – my body is feeling it.

Then it is 17 hours of travel until I touch down in the city that has become my home while abroad – Chicago – because let’s be frank – no one knows where Illinois is nor do they care about it. New York, California and Texas – sure they have overseas status, but Illinois – not so much – but I am ok with this because while it might not be my home, it is home to “ahhhh the Chicago Bulls –> Michael Jordan” (said in foreign excited accent). And then it is still another 3 hours home – almost a full day of travel – almost…

So things I look forward to while home for the next week (yes I will be coming back to Turkey):

1) Soy milk (super tempted to buy powdered soy when home – milk does funny things to my stomach and I still want to eat overnight oats without taking meds)

2) Coffee – just straight from the pot (with soy milk – see #1) – no Turkish Coffee or Nescafe.

3) An oven that has degrees on it

4) Not thinking about whether I can toss the toilet paper in the toilet or not and just doing it

5) Drinking from the tap

6) AC – it is starting to really heat up here and not really cool down

7) Being able to run in shorts…heck just wear shorts in general – I can feel the wind on my legs already…weird I know

8) Smoke-free restaurants

9) Pool time

10) And last but certainly not least a little thing I like to call my family and friends and all the events that this entails (Friends wedding, my little niece who is nearing 3 months, and the surprise visits by two of my aunts that I was just informed about – it will be wonderful)

Cheers from abroad – the next time I write I will be on American soil and hopefully will have some recipes to share with you