Merak Etme (Don’t Worry)

Merak etme – the condoling words of my Turkish teacher when I pulled out the last straw and facebook friended and messaged her that I left my notebook at school that happened to have BOTH my passport and residence permit in it and wondering if she had grabbed it. Yes, I realized this last night at about 8pm and from there on out was a royal mess because the school was closed and I’d have to wait out 12+ enduring hours of mental agony. My mind was conjuring up the worst possible scenarios. I even researched what I would have to do if I did in fact lose my passport – things I am glad I don’t have to do because miraculously it was right where I left it when I got to the school. Mind you I was the first student in the doors this morning and there was no way another student was gonna beat me there – I booked it and was ready to bulldoze anyone and anything in my way.

I mean when the subject of an email to your parents is “I’m Such an Idiot” it is either pictures of people doing stupid things or said child reporting the most idiotic mistake in the world. Have I mentioned that I am notoriously known for forgetting/losing things. And my passport – yes that is the worst thing yet. Not to mention I am flying back to the US next week for my friend’s wedding I am in so I REALLY NEED to keep my passport on a tight leash.

So with the condoling Turkish messages from  Zeynep, my Turkish teacher, and my friend Jess trying to keep me leveled headed via gchat I somehow figured that I might as well take some “sleepy meds” and at least give myself the chance at rest.  Something had to stop the freakout I was having – telling this to my teacher the next day in Turkish sure gave her and the other students a laugh. I slept a good amount, but as soon as my body woke me at 5am I was back to having horrific images pass through my head.

Azusa – was shocked when I left the homestay by 8:10 but she completely understood and made sure to send me messages of support during my commute – gotta love that girl! Needless to say I was soaked in sweat by the time I got to school and only half was due to the heat – sheer panic was the greater cause.

Once I had my passport back I felt the crushing stone lift off my chest and knew that I was şanslı – lucky.

Quick Yes/No recap of the day:

Yes! To the lovers in the park I will gladly take your picture

No! To the man in the meat shop I don’t want to buy half a lamb

Yes! To the men working the bus ticket counter I will gladly accept your praises of my Turkish

No! To the kids on the street I don’t want to pay a lira to stand on a scale for the whole park to see how much I weigh (even though you guys are super cute – it’s me, not you)

Yes! To the man selling me tea kettles I will totally drink çay with you

And now I am off to right a fairy tale in Turkish (:

So remember merak etme – don’t worry because things have a way of working out