My Time in Turkey Through GIFs

GIFs are great – I love them. I’ve been meaning to post these for sometime and am finally getting around to it – all based off of my time thus far in Turkey (: Enjoy

When I first started using a Turkish Keyboard

Mastering a Turkish keyboard

My host mom consoling me when I got sick 

Finding another lone American in Ankara

Walking the hills of Ankara when I first arrived

When my Turkish teacher gives a lesson on grammar that doesn’t exist in the English language

Post successfully making Chocolate Chip Cookies with a Turkish Recipe

Looking at a non-western toilet when I first arrived

One month later when I hear there are only non-western toilets

Passing my Turkish level exams

When they finally turn the AC on when its 35 C out and you are at the back of the bus

Post an overnight bus ride

When someone speaks extremely fast in Turkish

Riding in a dolmus

My hair in Istanbul – unacceptable

7 thoughts on “My Time in Turkey Through GIFs

  1. looks like everyone is changing up their blog layouts! i had the hardest time choosing a new theme!!!

    just wanted to let you know that this post made me laugh SO HARD!! my stomach muscles got a pretty good workout LOL

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