Kırkpınar (Olive Oil Wrestling) & Edirne, Turkey Photo Gallery

Edirne is one of the most western cities in Turkey – if you have a high enough of a vantage point you can see both Greece and Bulgaria. It is famous for hosting Kırkpınar which translates into Forty Springs but really it is an intriguing Turkish event because it is an olive-oil wrestling tournament. Oh yes – the wrestlers cover their bodies in olive oil and then wrestle each other. The tournament has been ongoing since 1346 – this makes it the Guinness World Record holder for the longest running sports competition – score! Besides the tournament, Edirne boasts some beautiful mosques and is quite quaint with a somewhat European-esque downtown and local cuisine (:

Edirne downtown – Reminds me of Europe – oh wait it is Europe (:

Turkish Rotisserie Kitchen

Cows chilling in the pasture

Sunflowers – my favorite flower!

People chilling outside the olive oil wrestling

In the stadium – how ’bout all those shirtless tan men?!?!

Wrestlers – Pehlivan

This wrestler earned himself a yellow card – I thought that was just a soccer thing…

Declaring the winner

“Our Chosen Wrestler” – 26 from Ankara and the Turkish men we were sitting next to supported him

Some of the men in the band – the music definitely helped set the environment

Wrestler getting flipped

Face Off

In a hold

Walking to their spot to wrestle each other

The pants are made of leather

Another flip

Yes hands down pants – very common…too common

On the defense

Inside the stadium – we were in shade thankfully and yet I was still sweating tons

Wrestler resting post his matches

Wrestler’s gate

Getting olive oiled up

Hundreds upon hundreds of wrestlers were present

The oil only makes the wrestlers look more defined

yağ – oil. cı – profession suffix. thus yağcı is an oiler – his job is literally to oil the wrestlers

My bilet – ticket for the coveted event

I love Turkish Fruit Stands! Can’t get enough of them and their cheap prices (:

Mind you those prices are listed in Liras which are about 2TL = $1 and it is for weight in kilos 1 kg= 2.2lbs. –> I wish US prices were this great

Ottoman style mosque

Inside the mosque – super safari with the painting

So many beautiful colors and such intricate designs

Selimiye Mosque – second time visiting it and still breathtaking

Arabic writing with the mosque minarets

Really – obsessed with Turkish produce

Ayran delivery – puts a Turkish spin on milk deliveries (mind you this was seen early in the morning)

no comment

Peynir Helvası – Cheese dessert local to the area – sounded questionable but was quite good

Tava Ciğer – the local speciality liver – and I ate it ALL

Cheers to good times in Edirne and watching oiled up men wrestle one another (:

Official Istanbul Marathon Training Begins Today

Today is the day that I have anxiously looked forward to. Not because it’s a holiday, birthday, or a no-school day, but rather it is the day that my training for the Istanbul Marathon commences!!!

I’ve been running when I’ve wanted to knowing that the more I get in the mode of running before my official training the better off I will be. But now I actually have a training plan to stick to – a challenge of self perseverance.  This will be my first marathon and I am super excited to embark on this running adventure. Now, I predict I may have a few hiccups along the way in my training due to travels, but I really will be putting my best foot forward during my training endeavors (:

I plan on following Hal Higdon’s Novice Marathon Plan since his half-marathon training plans have brought me success in the past.

Follow me on my journey of training that will be sure to include the most cities and countries that I have ever run in before in training for a race – shall make things quite entertaining (:

Looking forward to making big X marks on my calendar in the count down to my event.

It rained in Ankara – like torrential pour down right at 6:00pm when I was gonna leave – thus when I ran it was nice and cool for temp but super humid – strange combo – biggest sweat session yet. I love the smell of rain – it also meant the smell of wet dog with all the homeless ones in the park ): –> but nothing beats the smell of fresh rain!

Post my run – super sweaty

Are you training for an up and coming race?

Have you run a marathon before – any advice?

Cheers to a great start to marathon training!